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At Real Estate Places, we know:

What Buyers Want

Buying real estate can be complicated and emotionally draining. Our exclusive group of knowledgeable sales associates pledges to:
  • Take the time to understand your concerns
  • Explain each step of the complicated process
  • Protect your interests 
  • Provide you:
    • non-public information
    • a knowledgeable, experience
    • accurate information, direction and full disclosure
What Sellers Want 
Sellers want to get the best possible price, within their timeframe, with the least amount of inconvenience.  Our exclusive group of sales associates are equipped to help you, the seller:
  • establish a competitive price
  • understand and work in your timeframes
  • provide a path through the complicated legalities of selling today 
About Income Producing Property
And, we know that owning an income producing property or land for speculation has been trending up in value for decades.  Real estate should be part of your diversified portfolio. 
Whether buying or selling, Real Estate Places can assist you in determining value, analyzing cash flow for a number of years, and working with attorneys and tax professionals to determine what would be best for you. 
If you are doing self-directed IRA's, installment sales or tax-deferred exchanges, our exclusive group of sales associates at Real Estate Places can help you!
Our goal is simple - to help you get the best price, within your timeframe, with the least amount of inconvenience.   We'll work diligently and honestly to offer you an enjoyable and successful experience.
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