Our Vision....

Real Estate Places and Places in Real Estate were established in 2011 - then and now, is to create an exclusive 21st century office, where a team of top-notch industry professionals can work in an optimistic and upbeat environment! It was and is important to me that my team had the same work ethics, were outstanding industry leaders, and that they felt the same way - showcasing integrity, knowledge and experience. Their track record would and does speak for itself. Our "team" strength would be and is an encouragement to others to be the best they could be as well. Who wouldn't want to be on that kind of a team?

Our Associates....

who have been selected to join the team are all very special people and I am very proud of each one of them.

Meet the team...

Real Estate Places is built on Integrity - Experience - Results! Meet our Associates...

Trichelle Gregory

Contact Emails

Earl Bonawitz 714.815.3937
Bill Way 951.252.3013
Phyllis Way  951.760.9040
Denyse Wilson 909.224.3984
Julie Koleszar 760.468.0154
Wendy Whitelaw 951.970.9803
Kurt Ecclefield 714.390.3699 
Dan Hoekstra  951.491.1315
Cheryl Evans 951.757.1441
Dee Fether 714.970.7207
Grace Lee Richards 951.239.8010
Christine Hurd 951.478.1460
Catherine Schiffer 951.514.1312  
Sue Sell 951.660.7355
Diane "Dee" Warden 951.256.8557 
Rory Ellis 909.519.6088
Cheryl Shaw
Jerry White 951.212.2229
Adrienne Tjosvold 619.889.3282
Kathy Rees Gudger 951.491.4344
Lionel MacDonald 951.310.2021
Nancy Marshall 909.631.1672
Tod Lee Hunnicutt 714.801.3587
Tia Stribling  909.744.7567
Trichelle Gregory  909.260.3304